Residual Income

Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Residual Income

Setting up your own website is one way of earning residual income in the Internet.


To make it profitable, you must be able to apply techniques that will enhance your ranking when your product is searched in the web.

The key is to get your website in the first page of Google search, or any search engine for that matter.

This can be done by employing search engine optimization techniques that will increase your webpage’s visibility in the web.

Remember, you are up against a lot of competition so you need to be really prepared.

Another benefit of landing in the front row is that you can place clickable advertisements in your site.

Every time a visitor in your site clicks the ads, you get a certain amount of fee.

The income per click is not really huge, but imagine what a thousand clicks a day will bring you!

That will be passive income for you at its finest!