Self Directed IRA: the Smart Move

Why would you even decide to make the shift to a self directed IRA from a normal IRA or your standard 401k fund?


Well, in the first place, there are the tight rules and regulations – your old 401k and ordinary IRA have very stringent rules surrounding them and you have to make sure the fund managers understand the rules or you would be facing different issues and complications that would be nasty.

These self directed IRAs are still stringent, but they allow for more diversity in the asset allocation. You can choose to make moves that you would not necessarily be able to make in usual transactions.

Of course, with this IRA method, you would still need some oversight just so you know what you are going to get into and that is why there is a custodian who will monitor your account and make your transactions for you as you direct them to.

There is no one else making the decisions for you now.

No more fund managers or financial bodies making the decisions.

You can choose where your money will go and the custodian will make it happen.

You want to put your money on self directed IRA real estate? Go ahead.

You want to put it somewhere else because you do not want to go into real estate markets? Sure.

Remember, with these self directed IRA plans, you are going to be in full control of these things – no one else is going to steal your thunder for you and whether it makes money or loses money is your choice entirely.

Why is it a smart move then when there are so many risks?

Because of the fact that there are a lot of opportunities that you get with this IRA type that you would never get from any other type and you would be really happy that you did so.