Residual Income

Enjoy the Windfall of Profit Through Residual Income

Did you know how famous singers and songwriters continue to enjoy their luxurious life even after they have been away from the limelight?


It is because they continuously receive royalties from their songs!

That is an example of a residual income or passive income.

But not everyone can dish out a hit or have a magic voice that will continue to reverberate for years to come.

But, everyone has an equal chance of earning a windfall of profit through Internet marketing.

One of the many ways to profit in the web is through network marketing.

This is not a new idea and there are many examples in your neighborhood!

Have you met your Avon lady lately?

She is a prime example of network marketing.

The advantage of having this type of business in the Internet is that it is global; no geographical or political boundaries will tie you down.

You can have down lines even in the remotest corners of the world (provided that they have a computer and an Internet connection, of course!)